Rectangle Floral Eyeglasses
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Color: Floral   June,30,2020
So stylish and I get so many compliments! Made so well! High quality! I recommend to all my friends :)

Color: Floral   June,21,2020
They look amazing I absolutely love them !

Color: Floral   June,22,2020
I wore this on my date the day I got it, loved loved loved. 10/10 recommend.
Kelley G

Color: Floral   June,18,2020
Definitely recommend them
Rose L

Color: Floral   June,13,2020
These frames are awesome! I've gotten so many compliments on them and they feel great.
Dorsey G

Color: Floral   June,10,2020
So light weight and fit perfectly. I’ll never buy glasses from any other place.
Greer F

Color: Floral   June,09,2020
Absolutely nice! Good got
Haley J

Color: Floral   June,05,2020
My absolute favorite pair I’ve purchased so far! So many compliments as well
Lara K

Color: Floral   June,02,2020
I love these frames! They are super cute and fit perfectly. Definitely recommend!
May C

Color: Floral   June,02,2020
I love these so much I bought a second pair. Never get rid of these.