What is Blue Light?
Blue light is a harmful portion of light emitted by digital screens. Evidence shows blue light could cause macular degeneration later in life; the accumulation in the retina of the aging pigment lipofuscin, which can start as early as childhood, speeding up the aging process in our eyes.
How Does Blue Light Affect Us
Blurred Vision
Dry Eye
The digital screen of electronic equipment based on LED technology will emit high-energy blue light, and the anti-blue lens can reduce harmful blue light and give the eyes a healthier choice.
Protect Your Vision
Blue light blocker glasses from EyeSpade are designed to filter out a portion of harmful blue-violet light. Such as a slight magnification at the bottom of the lens, makes screen time more comfortable and helps significantly reduce symptoms of digital eye strain.
How to choose your right frames?
1.Find your favourite frame
2. Add suitable Blue Bloker lense
3. Proceed to checkout easy
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